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Who we are

Anhad India Limitless Consciousness
We are true to our name ‘Anhad’, taken from the Devnaagri script, referred to in spiritual texts as limitless possibilities to reach infinite consciousness.
Anhad India Telemedecine
Founded in 2014, we use digital connectivity to improve the health status of the rural population by an integrated use of technology to improve awareness and access to quality healthcare leading to improved public health outcomes.
Anhad India Medical Research
We are the culmination of thought leadership and philanthropy, we believe in bringing the miracles of medical science to the ones who need it the most.
Anhad India Rural Equitability
We believe that the most fulfilling way of reaching this state of bliss is through aiding equitability.

The Anhad Model

700 million people of rural India suffer from a lack of access and awareness to quality healthcare.

The Healthcare Sector is one with large, unmet needs; and in dire need for attention. Further, right and timely medical advice in rural India is sparse. This leads to delays in disease diagnosis, by the time action is taken- the situation is a lot worse.

We are a community based organization with a mission to provide primary health care services to the under-served communities in India, thereby improving health outcomes by early detection and evidence-based treatment through telemedicine services. Our solution lies in on-ground interventions & technology. 

Anhad India Model Awareness

On-ground outreach support

Imparting education for preventive healthcare helps in awareness building.

Timely diagnosis of key ailments

Thorough early detection by the staff/nurses on ground helps in the long run.

Development of Change Agents

Identifying qualified/trained resources from the communities helps execute interventions effectively.

Anhad India Model Accessibility

With one-sixth the number of doctors required in the country and majority of them operating in Top 20 cities, the rural population seeks primary care from unqualified & untrained providers leading to improper treatment.

We solve this lack of medical equitability using telemedicine services, leveraging telecommunication technologies to enable access to primary healthcare in underserved areas.

Immediate Remediation

of health issues diagnosed during community outreach to provide timely action.

Counselling and Referral

of patients to relevant and appropriate healthcare facilities or centres to ensure timely medical action.

Continued Beneficiary Support

from awareness business till treatment (involvement till last mile recovery).

75% people in rural areas look for private hospitals with 62% of the spends being out of pocket.

Households delay treating members who are not earning e.g., women and older people) until the situation is more severe. Also, most of the health care supply is located in urban areas and rural patients often end up wasting a lot of time and money on travel, thus losing a day’s wages, putting them in a debt spiral.

Anhad India model Affordability

Nurse-assisted digital doctor clinics

We operate ‘Nurse-assisted digital’ e- doctor clinics providing online medical consultations for primary healthcare services bringing specialist doctors under one roof at rural India’s door step

Cost efficient set-ups

Our set-up does not need highly qualified healthcare professionals at the points of care (which are managed by nurses) and shares the more qualified healthcare professionals across multiple points of care, saving thousands of rupees.

Our Partners

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